A family accused of three murders in the Lake, and at the same time another one happened in the Governor’s estate. Three investigators will accidentally stumble up each other, everyone here for their own reason. Will they manage to work together, or will their differences stall and ultimately cause their case to fail. And will the people tangled in this case make it easier or will their will to help and find their own answers prove disastrous.
Trying to escape the mistakes of her past, Chloe has dedicated her life to investigations, legal and otherwise. When an investigation and the thrill of uncovering secrets is not enough to soothe her troubling mind, she finds solace in a good book and soft music.
But not every case is solvable and Chloe has to live with the knowledge that she wasn’t ready, lucky, or even clever enough to solve her sister’s murder, found all those years ago with a burnt brand on her forehead. But some wounds never heal, and
Chloe has to find a way to close this unsolvable case.
Daniel is always reluctant to take a difficult decision, struggling to choose between options. He has seen what one wrong decision can do, and has lived with the ruin of his own for the last five years. Still, he tries to find a way to make amends for the death of his partner, even if that puts him in danger.
Despite this reluctance, Daniel finds himself tasked by the Governor with investigating everyone at the estate to find and stop the killer of one of the guests. Every witness tells him a different version of the murder
because they all have something to hide.
A woman who knows what she wants and when she wants it, even her presence commands authority and respect. She is determined and focused, rarely losing sight of her objectives, be it people or ideas.
The only thing that leaves her dumb-founded is the three murders in the lake she lives, a crime said to have been committed by her family years ago. Now she has to find the truth amongst the distrustful gazes and the whispers, all the while the killer strikes again. Is her family really tangled in this web of murders,
or are they just another victim caught?