The Sect of the Ring has always been searching for those few gifted, or cursed, with immortality. However, these people are rare and even they sometimes never learn of their unique trait, as this immortality doesn’t protect the body from succumbing to old age. They all share one similar trait; after a “death” they return to the place their immortality was first awaken. And the artifact that can awake this immortality? A jaded hawk statue with strange inscription on the bottom. When a young immortal girl escapes the Sect and rumors of a second immortal appearing, the Sect will reemerge to find them, hoping to also find the statue.
Callum is a man of few words, who often loses himself in his thoughts. One thought can lead to another, and Callum often finds himself contemplating on situations and ideas unrelated to the task at hand.
And this habit unnerves him greatly, for it reminds him of that day Callum lost himself. One day he was in the park next to his house, blooded and beaten, a gun in his hands and a deep cut on his left shoulder. He doesn’t remember what happened that day, or the other three times he blacked out.
Yet one thing is for certain. He always wakes up in blood.
With a spark in the eye and a witty comment always ready, Joselyn is a peculiar person. From the day she can remember herself, running and playing as a child, she always felt a strange hostility from the family maid.
The maid seemed to be here before her mother disappeared, or her grandmother was found dead. And now, as the last woman of the house, she seems to find the maid always looking for her. Is she stalking her, or is there something else going on in the mansion,
IS the maid a protector or a killer?
Gemma is an open book, easy to get to know and talk to. She is resourceful and often reacts to life with good humor and a grin. She goes out of her way to help and cheer other up, often putting herself second.
What other cannot see, however, is that Gemma is searching for something. A jaded hawk had fallen to her hands years ago, found while searching her cellar. And its strange runes held nothing but secrets. Now Gemma must find the meaning behind this artifact
before those searching for it find her first