Digital artist, inspired by abstraction, street art and the fashion industry and employs it in his craft. Working on the Spooky-verse.
Coming from Venture Capital industry Polyphemus is an experienced NFT founder and creative lead, working with Oak Paradise, Solana Cyclopes and Proboscis Monkeys.
It all started with graffiti and vandalism as Goopy’s first experience with art. After the police encounter, 3D art became the creative outlet. At first he began to studying interior design, then more complex things such as modeling, creating special effects and animation.
Goopy Doopy
Experienced graphic and web designer with over 4 years of experience, working on SPOOKED! brand identity.
Classical / CG artist. Experienced in developing different character concept arts and backgrounds for games. Designing music covers, printed products and advertisements. Creation of custom interior paintings, design of large spaces, wall paintings.
Art Lead for SPOOKED! with extensive experience in design, architecture and animation.
Graphic designer with 6 years of experience and a passion for art since early childhood. Enjoys a mix of a mix of styles in design strict typography and crazy illustrations in his works.
With a passion for art and illustrations, Alutae covers SPOOKED! Social media graphic design strategy.
College student with a passion for digital media and illustration. Working on SPOOKED! comic book series.
Peter Griffin
10+ years of brand management/content creation. Went corporate. Fuck that. Found NFTs. The rest is history.
Community manager with a passion for Solana NFTs and spooky things.
Community and collab manager with a passion for marketing.
Community manager and alpha hunter with extensive experience in the field.
Titan Boa
Industrial painter and team member at BBCA, Rowdy Rams, Stoners Dao, Community Manager at Oak Paradise, Mod at LaunchLabs.
With an extensive background in contemporary art working for leading galleries and auction houses such as Christie’s, Curara will overlook the artistic direction of SPOOKED!
Experienced 2D and 3D animator. Animation Lead for SPOOKED! Team and it’s cinematographic aspirations. Over 3 years of experience with VFX, motion and graphic design